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Telegraph Dating

If you are sick and tired of fraudulent dating platforms that only cheat for the sake of financial gains, it’s high time to check out one of the most credible sites out there - Telegraph Dating.





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If you are sick and tired of fraudulent dating platforms that only cheat for the sake of financial gains, it’s high time to check out one of the most credible sites out there - Telegraph Dating. Unfortunately, it often happens that the practice of dating online for users who have big hopes to meet someone special and eventually tie the knots turns out to be a complete disaster. Such users are usually left with nothing thanks to scammers and their unscrupulous attempts to steal someone’s data. To make matters worse, there are still way too many dating platforms that have weak protection against hackers, poor security systems, and fake profiles. This leads to a significant quantitative drop of new visitors, as well as lonely broken hearts. To change the state of affairs we see today, the UK-based Telegraph dating site was created. And not for this purpose alone - site developers stress primarily on effortless usability, casual atmosphere, and verified profiles. Yes, this platform combines all the positives you can think of for the sake of ensuring users’ comfortability every time they visit the site. In this Telegraph Dating review, we’ll dive into the world of adult dating, explore its reliability depth, and even look for some treasures in a form of quality profiles and secure navigation. Keep following us and let’s get started!

Profile Quality

Taking into account the detailed step-by-step registration process designed for all profiles without exceptions, one can find a clear benefit in going through this verification stage. Once you visit someone’s profile, you can see how detailed it is, featuring every bit of information you’d like to read about this or that person. Such a practical approach allows Telegraph users to make sure that all other profiles are indeed secure and authentic. More so, if some of the profiles you come across are appealing to you, there’s an ‘add to favourites’ option. By using it, you’ll have an opportunity to easily return to a particular profile without losing it in a crowd of other accounts. Another awesome thing the Telegraph can boast of is easy accessibility to members’ main photos without a paid membership. Yet, some private pics can be unlocked only if you are a premium user. Speaking of photos: every user can add photo albums later and showcase them to a large audience. Thus, you can take some time and devote effort for a careful selection of your best pics later. Likewise, your profile information can be updated later.

Costs and Prices

The Telegraph would be a complete scam if it was free of charge. For obvious reasons, this dating site is payable. Nevertheless, users always know that they pay for quality services every time, so it’s a two-sided advantage for both site founders and the members. Notably, the platform offers a bunch of useful free services in comparison to other doubtful sites striving to take as much money from you as possible. Specifically, here’s the list of things you can do on the site without having to pay anything: Viewing messages Answering to premium user’s message Registering on the site Viewing other members’ accounts Adding whoever you want to the list of favourites When it comes to fee-based activities, you can: Send unlimited messages Match with up to 1000 users Have access to private photos Track people who’ve seen your profile View your fans and favourites Customize your search results Look through messages with specific keywords As for the pricing packages themselves, here’s a short overview of the costs you’ll be expected to pay: 33.95 GBP for one month of premium subscription 20.67 GBP / Month for 3 months of premium subscription = 62.01 GBP 15.00 GBP / Month for 6 months of premium subscription = 90.00 GBP 12.00 GBP / Month for 12 months of premium subscription = 144.00 GBP As you can see, the longer the period of your subscription, the lower the price. Therefore, while taking into account the financial comparison of Telegraph with other online dating platforms, the prices here are average.

Positives of Telegraph Dating

Claiming that Telegraph is a good service would be an understatement. This service definitely deserves a place in the list of the top-rated and top-performing sites ever created. There are many superb features no other dating spot can boast of. For example, if you take a look at the age distribution, you’ll see that anyone from 18 to 100 years can register on the platform. This is a great indication of absence of discrimination by age, which cannot be left unnoticed. In addition, you can hardly find any dating site which takes the sign in procedure that seriously. Filling in all the information might be time-consuming, but soon you’ll realize that it was a necessary measure to help you find a proper match as quickly as possible. Plus, each member has to go through a strict verification process, meaning that each and every person you’ll come across on the site is a real user. Apart from that, you can always rest assured that your personal and financial data will be kept private and safe. That’s all due to a strong security system integrated as a preventive measure against hackers. One more thing that usually catches the eye of newcomers is a ‘safe dating guideline’ designed to provide new visitors with handy information about proper and secure communication with other members. Besides, you can download the official Telegraph mobile application and use it any time of the day via your device. This is an optimal solution for a generation of youngsters who put mobile usability in favor of a desktop version. Finally, here’s a little surprise on top of all positives: there’s a different platform which is linked to the official one. It’s called Belfast Telegraph dating UK, and it features identical features. Everything, starting from the age range and ending with profile quality, remains pretty similar to the main Telegraph site. This ‘reserved copy’ serves as an alternative to the official site in case it breaks down or some technical issues emerge.

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