Charmerly Review

If you’ve been looking for a decent dating platform lately but failed to come across some nice option, take a look at Charmerly. This site might become a great alternative to the outdated platform you already use, or simply serve as a promising introduction to the world of online dating. Either way, Charmerly won’t leave you dissatisfied in view of the multiple features it provides. Once you visit this service, you’ll realize that the developers have taken the rules of remote communication to the whole new level by offering a bunch of useful tools and means of interaction with members. Besides, every step you take on this platform, from registration to payment, is super easy to handle, and it won’t take you much time to go through all these processes. That’s because the site creators are well-aware of your needs, and they do know that when it comes to online dating, every second counts and every minute can define your destiny. In this Charmerly review, we’ll disclose everything you need to know before opting for this dating spot and share some advice on how to get free credits and start communicating with hot girls for free. Keep reading this guide to find out the real nature of a Charmerly dating site.

What is Charmerly?

Charmerly is one of the top-rated dating platforms designed for uniting international hearts worldwide. Created more than ten years ago, this spot has become a grand oasis of lonely souls who are likely to find and meet each other in a seemingly hopeless place. This is a temple for everyone who professes love and believes in the power of deep romantic and sexual attachment to the like-minded people. This is a very vibrant place, and it’s all about passion and love seeking adventures. You won’t find any member on this service with unpleasant profile photos or dull descriptions. Everything and everyone out there is full of enthusiasm and readiness to conquer new heights for the sake of true feelings. Thanks to its long-lasting presence in the highly competitive dating arena, Charmerly has already gained a robust reputation that doesn’t seem to subside anytime soon. This is a promising indicator of quality services this platform provides, as well as authentic profiles and a powerful security system. Besides, this online dating site has a customer support team that reacts almost instantly to your requests and suggestions. Therefore, there’ll be no problem using Charmerly any time of the day.

Charmerly Sign-up Process

Before registering on this dating platform, keep in mind that it’ll only take you a couple of minutes to get through all stages and start searching profiles. This is great news, especially considering the amount of newcomers who keep registering every day. This positive factor indicates that there won’t be slow-downs in a system, meaning that you’ll have a chance to sign in as fast as possible. So, the first thing you’ll need to complete is fill in information about yourself. The registration field consists of only five blocks: sex, birthday data, email, password, and name. That’s it! The last step is your agreement to terms of use and privacy policy, and voila - you’re almost there. Yet, before proceeding to your profile creation, there’s one more stage - a short questionnaire. It was created with the aim of understanding your preferences with regard to your perfect date and thus accurately suggesting you decent profiles that’ll match your indicated parameters. This stage can be easily skipped if you want to, but this questionnaire won’t be superfluous for your search each time you’ll login. No matter what option you choose at this point, you’ll definitely find someone special anyway.

Charmerly Mobile App

Unfortunately, you won’t find an official Charmerly mobile application if you visit an online store. However, you can always rely on the mobile version of the site if you don’t have desktop access to it. The design of this mobile version is completely identical to the desktop one: the same appealing main page arranged in greyish color palette, the same placing of content blocks, as well as registration forms and other essential elements. In other words, the navigation and the actual usability of the mobile version are easy. Thus, you can always browse the website on your device whenever you want, clicking through multiple profiles and communicating with potential dates.


Based on the above-mentioned information, it’s hard to judge Charmerly negatively. One of the most satisfying things about this platform is that it exists on the market for quite a long time. It’s been more than a decade since their first launch, and the site only keeps alluring more users with time. It seems that the popularity of such a dating platform is not going to decrease, since more and more people register there on a daily basis, compared to the first years since their emergence in the dating field. We can attribute such a huge success only to the infinite devotion of the site's developers, paired with careful profile verification and a reliable security system. Speaking of protection, every new member of the site is approved only after providing personal ID. This means that Charmerly guarantees complete authenticity of all users, regardless of the purposes they pursue by registering on the site. Some girls’ profiles have a validated status, meaning that real people stand behind a virtual account. Also, there’s no need to worry about your personal and financial data security, since the platform is protected by a 128-bit SSL encryption system. This measure disables any fraudulent activity on the site, making it hardly possible for hackers to use financial information against the users. Therefore, your credit card information, personal messages, password, and other sensitive data are in good hands. Finally, Charmerly offers a nice deal to new visitors who are not well integrated into the site’s features: the site gives 20 credits for free to novices. This way, the platform allows new users to test usability, check out profiles, communicate with charming ladies, and use the potential of the site at large. And, in case they remain dissatisfied with the platform, they can just delete their account.


One of the dismal facts about Charmerly is users’ inability to browse through profiles without prior registration. There’s an element of surprise about this aspect that might encourage some people to sign up, but in most cases, no user favors such an option. Another shade of negativity that dilutes the perfectness of this dating site has to do with absence of an official mobile application. Of course, users can freely use a mobile version of the site that looks almost identical to the desktop one, but it’d be much better to launch the app and thus fully translate the functionality of the desktop version into a device. Besides, the platform offers only two means of communication between users - either instant chat or mail. Considering that mail is a sort of outdated thing that very few people use nowadays, we can conclude that only one method remains. This is definitely not enough for a progressive site member who also wants to have access to video chats and see the actual person during communication. Lastly, gifts are quite expensive on Charmerly, which is bad news for the male part of site users.

Is Charmerly a Legit Service?

Charmerly is a fully-functional online dating service that has real people who often verify their profiles. The platform is an all-in-one solution for finding a suitable romantic connection according to your preferences. The team of professionals who run charmerly made their mission to create a fantastic online dating experience that most people will remember for long. Pro-level encryption protocols like SSL provide security and non-disclosure of the personal information you’re sharing in the private chats.

Can You Find Real Relationships on Charmerly?

You still haven’t found someone? We collected thousands of testimonials of gratitude and success stories that happened inside of Charmerly. It’s the right place to meet someone for different kinds of relationships, from casual dating to serious long-term romantic connections.

What it’s Like to Use Charmerly?

The main objective of Charmerly is to connect you with the right person. After registration, you enter the characteristics of people you’d like to meet. The algorithm then offers you the list of matching individuals. How simple and effective is that? This is how you use Charmerly.

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