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Giving You Best Reading Experience

We post the articles in a timely fashion thinking about the UI/UX experience of our readers. Our format of articles is comfortable to read and enjoy. Dating reviews have never been easier to read.

Why Are Dating Sites Better?

More and more single people are turning to the online dating scene, and there are many options to choose from. Finding the right app can be a little overwhelming, especially knowing that many dating platforms are pricey. So, getting feedback and reviews from other customers first is important before deciding how to invest your time and money wisely.

New-dating-sites strives to be the most reliable source of reviews of current dating apps. We collect feedback from real people based on real opinions and experiences. All reviews are collected and provided on behalf of businesses working with us. With detailed reviews of the most popular dating websites and apps, you will find the right one for you.

The reviews cover how each platform works describing all major features, from its services and prices to users available on the website. We aim to make the search process quicker and easier for you by sectioning reviews of the dating websites into different categories. Overall, readers can use our source with confidence knowing that all reviews are real, honest, and well thought-out. What is more, you can also leave your reviews on the website. You can easily join other members to share your experiences about used dating websites or applications, thus helping others to find exactly what they need.


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There is currently a variety of dating websites that offer different features based on customers’ preferences. All dating platforms have both their advantages and drawbacks. Because there are so many of them, our website aims to help find the best-suited option for each member. New-dating-sites provides great reviews of top websites because each review is written carefully and attentively. Feedback from our readers is honest and detailed. The reviews include ratings that help pick out top-notch services. There are many recent reviews about the best dating websites of 2019 that will help you find updated and the most relevant information.
To find a person on online dating sites, you should first create your own account. This is a free option on most dating sites. After logging in to your account, click on the search field on the main page to input the search criteria such as the person’s name or known email. If you are not looking for a specific user, you can use additional search options such as marital status, dating expectations, interests, etc. There is also another option as you can also sort out users featured on the front page, which is common on many dating websites. After looking through the gallery of users, you can select the person that you liked. This search is useful for when you want to find someone based on their photos and appearance. After you have found the perfect match, you can get to know that person by chatting to them.

As there are so many options to choose from, we collected the most convenient dating apps based on numerous positive reviews:

Tinder: Love it or hate it, but Tinder already includes around 50 million users worldwide. By having so many options, there is a chance for everyone to find the date they need.

OK Cupid: One major benefit in the app is its well-developed matching algorithm that searches for partners that cater to your needs. All you need to do is to fill the website questionnaire to indicate your preferences.

Hinge: The app helps you match with people from your friends’ social circle. Hinge analyzes profiles on social media and matches you with friends of your friends, so you meet people who are actually connected with you in real life.

Different dating sites have varying and unique features, so there is no single general rule how to use them. However, there are also many common features that simplify the process of finding a partner. Most importantly, dating websites provide a gallery of users and matching features based on your search criteria. To find a user on a dating website, go to the main page to find a gallery of hot profiles or search for people by selecting profiles based on your preferences. Another important thing to remember is that dating websites offer different features based on membership. If you have a basic account, you can usually find a limited number of profiles and chat to users for a limited period. However, by having a premium account, you can unlock more features and possibilities. Some of them include extended chatting time, more profiles suggested to you based on your preferences, and more profiles to browse from in the gallery.

New Online Dating Sites

New online dating sites emerge every year trying to attract users. Some of them are helpful, others are not really worth your money and attention. If you have tried many typical dating apps such as Tinder and you did not find them useful, we collected the best reviews of more updated and innovative websites for you. The reviews are based on our experience and feedback provided by readers on New-Dating-Sites.

Happn: Launched in 2014, this new dating site matches you with people nearby or with people from your social circle. The app uses your Facebook information to match with friends of your friends, and it also uses your geolocation to track people who are closest to you. This way, you actually meet people who are close to you, either based on location or social connections.

Hater: The application changed the rules of many dating apps after its launch in 2017.Hater helps you connect with people based on the common things that you dislike and hate. You can swipe love, like, dislike, and hate on any topic suggested by the website. Using this information about the things you hate, the app matches you with people with similar tastes and interests.

Bumble: The new dating app encourages the approach when a woman makes the first move. After its launch in 2014, the application continues to change the typical male approach to dating. After two users match, the woman is the one who should send the first message until the match disappears. Such requirements push people to speed up the dating process and make decisions faster.

Mesh: After making a success on the web in 2014, Mesh acquired many users worldwide. One of its best features is that it keeps all spammers and creeps out of users’ inbox. The website automatically filters messages based on vulgarity, poor grammar, and copy-pasting. There are also very specific privacy settings, so strangers who want to contact you will have to first answer your dealbreaker questions.